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Reiki Energy Therapy


Reiki is a Japanese light-touch or no-touch energy therapy method that is used to help heal physical and mental trauma, and to support mental clarity and well being. This powerful technique balances your chakras and restores energy by allowing the body/mind/spirit to return to it's natural state of balance.

Hello! My name is Tina

I am a certified Reiki pratitioner, health coach, Intuitive food therapist, Chakra Activation practitioner, meditation teacher and Ordained Minister. I am also the mother to six incredible children, Nana to four beautiful grandchildren and wife to a man who inspires me to love and dream big! I am a child of the Universe, ambassador of love and an incredibly grateful human who has discovered the miraculous gifts that lie within this magical vehicle we live in, the human body.

Chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and an eating disorder  are just some of the diagnosis’s that I was given at a young age. After years of attempting to heal through traditional methods, I decided to try holistic modalities as a last resort. Little did I know that working with my body’s own energy would be the key to healing myself. This discovery has inspired me to help others achieve optimum health in mind, body, spirit and emotions by helping you tap into your body’s innate wisdom.

I provide a variety of modalities that assist in harmonizing your energy centers.

  • Chakra Activation Reiki

  • Intuitive Food Therapy

  • Health & Wellness Coach

  • Sound Healing

  • Space Clearing (home and office)

  • Animal Reiki

  • Intuitive Readings


If you’re still here, I thank you for staying with me, I haven’t mastered condensing my words yet! If you feel called to learn more about my services and how I can assist you in your healing journey, please go to services tab for details on all services offered as well as  pricing and scheduling.

Love, light and blessings to you,


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